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Asset Management

Our Asset Management Strategies

At MWC we strive to provide clients with a unique investment strategy tailored to their circumstances, risk tolerance, and financial objectives. In a personal discussion, our financial advisers will evaluate your current financial situation, liquidity needs, investment objectives, and tolerance towards undertaking financial risks. Once your personal needs and individual circumstances are understood and carefully assessed, our asset management team will transform your financial goals into an investment strategy oriented on the preservation of capital, growth of assets, and sustainable long-term returns.

Our investment strategies are based on a top-down strategic asset allocation approach, which involves the identification of long-term macro trends and secular growth themes set to disrupt individual sectors, industries, and segments of the economy and society as a whole. Our portfolios offer a blend of investments providing you with exposure to different asset classes, geographical regions, and economic sectors to ensure that your investments are diversified and optimised to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns. Depending on your risk propensity, capital, and experience, your portfolio will be linked to one of our dynamic models that are actively managed by our asset management team.

We also offer bespoke, individually tailored portfolios or advisory relationship to qualified clients, who like to be involved in the management of their capital and are equally passionate about world of investments. Our asset management services are complemented by quarterly market and economic overview reports and regular investment recommendations for your portfolio. We will ensure that the complexity and diversity of financial markets, are delivered to you in the simplest terms, whilst the instruments chosen for your portfolio offer the best value that goes in line with your financial planning.

Series 65

The Series 65 exam, also formally known as the Uniform Investment Advisory Law Examination, is a securities license required for individuals to act as financial advisers in the US. The exam is designed by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), covering a variety of topics including but not limited to regulations, ethics, laws and securities valuation. Four of our team members have so far obtained the qualification and are now formally recognised by FINRA as Investment Advisor Representatives in the US.

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